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Uganda is one of the friendliest nations you can visit in Africa - and even the world - with their wonderful hospitality earning the top spot in Lonely Planet’s  just a few years ago. And if the hospitality isn’t enough to rope you  in, Uganda is also known for amazing food (chicken stew, plantains,  donuts, and so much more!) and incredible wildlife.

Despite  Uganda’s allure, it is among the poorest countries in the world and  truly in need of aid. Many Ugandans live on less than one dollar per  day, and the country’s population is among the youngest in the world.  Half of Uganda’s citizens are under the age of 14 - and as a result,  there is a great need for volunteers like you to help with everyday care  and support. Hospitals and schools are shorthanded and are barely  equipped with the necessary means to stay operational, many children are  orphaned or have very young parents, HIV/AIDS is prevalent nationwide,  and general health knowledge is not widely known or understood among the  country’s population.

As the infrastructure of local villages  collapses, you can be there to help build community centers and schools  to provide educational and vocational training opportunities. You can  volunteer to teach English and other subjects such as math, social  sciences, physical education, and basic health both to children and to  adults. And you can provide basic childcare and other support services  to young parents and within community centers caring for children in  need. In Uganda, there’s so much you can do as a volunteer to improve  the quality of life for even one person. You will be welcomed as a  friend, and you will leave as family.

Are you ready to embark on  your African adventure? If so, read on to learn about the many wonderful  volunteer opportunities you can participate in to make a difference in

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volunteer Kenya


About Volunteering in Kenya

What is it like to volunteer in Kenya?

Located on Africa’s east coast between Tanzania and Ethiopia, Kenya  is an ethnically diverse country boasting numerous cultures, varied and  striking landscapes, and world-famous wildlife.

Comprised of a variety of tribes including Kikuyus, Kamba and the  Maasai, Kenyans as a whole are some of the friendliest people in the  world, warmly welcoming visitors and immediately accepting them into  their lives. Kenya has a strong claim as the ‘cradle of humanity’; much  of the oldest fossil evidence in the world has been discovered in Kenya  and human life certainly originated in Eastern Africa.

Our Kenya Volunteer Projects & Experiences

While volunteers will find many things familiar, Kenyan  culture is very much its own; with a vibrant national music scene,  internationally acclaimed literature, and a strong sporting tradition.

Compared to many African countries, Kenya has had a relatively  peaceful history since independence, but it still struggles economically  on both the world-stage and at the individual level. In 2007, hundreds of thousands of people were displaced by violence arising from political  and ethnic tensions surrounding the 2007 elections. Many of these  people are now living in camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) -  to which we run excursions to offer our support.

More generally, infrastructure in Kenya, both physical and  organisational, is often poor, leading to potholed roads and an  impossibly small education budget - which is where our orphanage and teaching volunteers come in

Kenya also suffers from some of the lowest wages for doctors in the  world. Because of this, schools, medical clinics, and other institutions  are often understaffed and under-provisioned – this is where our medical volunteers come in.

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Tanzania volunteer

 Tanzania volunteer 

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 Volunteer Work Projects and Locations

  • Work in an Orphanage (Arusha, Moshi )
  • Teaching English (Arusha, Moshi )
  • Healthcare Projects (Arusha, Moshi)
  • Work in HIV/AIDS project (Moshi/Boma)
  • Maasai Women/Orphanage project (Arusha)
  • Summer volunteer and adventure program Tanzania (4 Weeks) 

Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania with Volunteering  Solutions, considered to be one of the most trusted volunteer placement  organizations, provides affordable opportunities in two different  locations in Tanzania - Arusha, and Zanzibar. Volunteers opting to join  any of the projects in Tanzania will get to enjoy a typical African  travel experience while volunteering and serving the host community.

There are diverse projects that are offered in Arusha - Orphanage  Project, Teaching Project and Health Care Project. Apart from these, for  gap year travelers and backpackers looking to gain some international  work experience as well as high school and college students looking for a  spring break/ summer break program,,  which not only gives a chance to volunteer, but also allows you to  explore the adventure trails. Medical and pre-med students can join the  Health Care Project and work with experienced professional doctors.

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poor familiar Uganda

At a fee of $100 per month, child  sponsorship is very possible and with such and more we are in position  to create lasting impact for a child at our orphanage home With this  amount we are in position to provide education, food, clothing and  medical care for the children.

Upon accepting to sponsor a child, we  give you access to the children profiles so that you could choose a  specific child you wish to sponsor. In the due term you always write  letters to them and they too write to 

You, can sponsor a child within our external program under a campaign termed  Under our external program, a child is catered for from their  respective communities, this campaign mainly looks after single orphans  whose single parent is nolonger in position to take care of the child,  it does also cater for total orphans who are being looked after by  relatives or community Samaritans but are nolonger in position to take  care of the child. Among the necessities we provide are; education in  form of school fees and scholastic materials and clothes.

For more   child sponsorship, email us at info@expeditionafrica.org

poor Familiar Kenya


Charity Selector

      Our member charities below are absolutely tiny compared to those  you will be familiar with, yet their involvement is deep and highly  targeted. They often were set up after a trip to Africa that left their  founders profoundly touched by the poverty they witnessed and may be  even more by the resilience they encountered. They are involved in all  the issues that make poverty so rooted and difficult to get out of on  your own. Lack of education and training, bad health, remoteness,  degrading environment, exodus of the young to the towns, the list goes  on and on. But there is hope, progress and for millions it comes through  the growing number of partnerships they develop with small charities,  their volunteers, with you.

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poor familiar Tanzania

  In Tanzania, we assist resource-poor farming families; orphans and  vulnerable children; women; the elderly; HIV/AIDS affected households;  and youth engaged in agriculture. Our projects include integrated crop  management and natural resource management. Gender equity issues and  HIV/AIDS mitigation are addressed using best practices that emphasize  women’s empowerment. Community-based animal healthcare, agribusiness  development, community- based planning and monitoring and evaluation  comprise the remainder of the package of inputs and approaches to  achieve program goals. 

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