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Best time to visit Uganda

 The Pearl of Africa

Welcome to the “Gorilla in the mist”  country and the source of the White Nile River. What more could one ask  for in an African adventure than for a chance to visit our closest  relative. A gorilla trek is a highlight of all visits done in Uganda.  There are countless ways to experience this enthralling country with  Expedition Africa. Take in the awe-inspiring sights of the natural  landscape, the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Victoria as well as the culture  of the pygmy village on the shores of Lake Bunyoni. Activities in Jinja  (source of the White Nile River) include white water rafting, quadbiking  and bunjee jumping.
Its reputation as ‘Africa’s friendliest  country’ is not only accredited to its likeable people, but also to its  redevelopment as an eco-friendly environment, with its introduction of  eco-tourism projects, adventure sports and unique gorilla-trekking  opportunities that have put the country back on the tourist circuit.  After years of misrule, hardship and war under Idi Amin, Uganda is once  again receiving positive global interest due to its forward-thinking  policies and wealth of tourist attractions. Uganda offers the traveler a  safe traveling experience, sixty protected areas, ten national parks,  an exciting safari environment and the markets of Kampala have their own  captivating allure.


Uganda has a tropical climate with  temperatures in the mid-20 degrees. The mountainous areas are much  cooler and the top of Mount Elgon is often covered with snow. The  hottest months are December to February although temperatures could drop  in the evenings.

March – May and October – November are  the heavy rainy seasons and this is when road travel can become  difficult. The best time for travelling is during the dry seasons  between January – February and June – September. This is the time when  game viewing is optimal as they are concentrated at the water sources.


There are two wet seasons: mid-September  to November and March to May. There are two dry seasons: December to  February (there is less rain but parks remain fairly wet) and June to  July (considerably drier).

When to visit Uganda:

The best time for travelling is during  the dry seasons between January – February and June – September. This is  the time when game viewing is optimal as they are concentrated at the  water sources

best time to visit Kenya

 Meet the Masai Tribe

Kenya is a land of so many experiences;  truly a dream vacation destination. Kenya is home to the Masai Warriors  and its capital, Nairobi, is the bustling gateway to the vibrant  economic community of East African states.
The Serengeti ecosystem  extends into south western Kenya where one will see the metamorphosis of  the natural landscape as masses of wildebeest, zebra and graceful  gazelles make their annual migratory trek across the plain to greener  pastures. The Big Five are almost always in attendance to thrill the  safari adventure seeker. Our Kenyan adventure also takes in the sights  of the Great Rift Valley, experiences with the locals and the warrior  dance of the Masai Warriors. Expedition Africa will bring the African  warmth of Kenya to your traveling itinerary.

Kenya’s Climate

Kenya has a definite rainy season that  occurs from March to May. It is known as the ‘long rains’ and it is  common to find sunny morning weather and sudden downpours later in the  day. The rains are short and not unpleasant.

Kenya’s Seasons

Summer:  December – March
Autumn:  April – June
Winter:  July – August
Spring: September – November

When to Visit Kenya

A diverse geography means a variable climate across the country but Kenya is considered a year-round destination for safaris.

  • Kenyan safari destinations are most  popular between January and March. The climate is mild, mostly dry and  game viewing is at its peak. A visit in the rainy season between March  and June and between October and December, however, is well worth  considering in order to avoid the peak-season crowds and benefit from  off-season rates on accommodation and tours.
  • If you wish to see the wildebeest  migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve, then a visit between  mid-August and late October when the herds have returned from their  months in Tanzania’s Serengeti isn’t to be missed.
  • A beach destination could be rather  challenging – Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is hot and humid all year round  and rain can fall at any time. We would, however, recommend avoiding  the coast during mid-March to late May when temperatures and rainfall  are at their highest

Best time to visit Tanzania

The Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti

Tanzania, located on the eastern coast  of Africa, is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sights. A visit to  Tanzania as part of a tented/accommodated tour with Expedition Africa  will get you close to the home of the top 3 sights and natural wonders  of Africa:

The Serengeti National Park, Mount  Kilimanjaro & the Ngorongoro Crater. These are a few of the  breathtaking sights to be woven into another authentic experience with  Expedition Africa.
A game viewing experience in a rustic, unspoilt  environment with experienced ground staff will yield memorable sightings  of herds of magnificent wildebeest, zebra, lions, leopard, cheetah and  elephant.
Here the journey truly tops the destination. You are  invited to film, photograph or simply relax and enjoy the sightings from  the safety of your adventure truck.
Beautiful beaches abound along  Tanzania’s coastline. Zanzibar, Tanzania’s world-renowned spice island,  beckons. Walk along its beautiful white-sanded beaches, enjoy a sunset  cruise in a traditional dhow, dive or explore the old stone town. A  visit to Zanzibar promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Tanzania’s Climate

Tanzania has an interesting geography  which contributes to its differing climatic conditions. The Indian Ocean  islands off the coast of Tanzania have a hot, humid climate. Tanzania  can be cool at night because of its high plateau. The north east enjoys  temperate climates.

Tanzania’s Seasons

Summer:  December – February
Autumn:  March – April
Winter:  April – May
Spring: June – November

When to Visit Tanzania

  • Tanzania is a huge country with much regional geographic and climatic variation as well as two distinct rainy seasons.
  • If it’s the Serengeti Migration you want to (and must) see, the time to go is between November and August.
  • General game viewing in the Serengeti and Tanzania’s other parks is at its peak during the June to October dry season.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro is best climbed either between July and October or January to March.
  •  The best time to visit Tanzania’s coast, its islands and Zanzibar is  between August and October. However, avoid the coast during the long  rains of March to May which creates unpleasant conditions.